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Pets of Undisclosed fundraiser leash


Here at DHI we take ethical and political positions not only on issues of animal welfare, but of human welfare as well. We believe strongly in the need for equality of treatment in the criminal justice system, the remediation of wrongful convictions, and prison reform. Unfortunately, all too often, the system doesn’t work—resulting instead in wrongful convictions and ongoing trauma for victims and their loved ones. Thankfully, the Undisclosed podcast, featuring the incredible legal talents of Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson, and Colin Miller are helping to put the spotlight on some of these cases.

Roughly 4% if those sentenced to death in the United States, and an estimated 10,000 incarcerated individuals annually, have been wrongfully convicted. Many of those wrongfully incarcerated have few, if any, means to seek relief. They rely on the work of non-profit organizations to provide critical assistance in the appeals and relief process. But most of these organizations are stretched well beyond capacity.

This is why we are donating 30% from the sales of our “Pets of Undisclosed” bandanas to the organizations dedicated to fighting for justice. This season of Undisclosed is featuring the important work of the Georgia Innocence Project, and we are proud to support their work through this fundraiser. And if you don’t have a pet to buy for but would still like to help out, please consider donating directly by following this link.

Make sure to share your pet (or you!) wearing their bandana and tag us on Instagram @doghairincFacebook, or Twitter, using the hashtag #Petsofundisclosed

It's a 7/8" trim on sturdy 1" nylon webbing. Our leashes come in 4' or 6' lengths. They are also available double-sided for full fashionableness! 
To clean, just pop in the washing machine in cold water and lay flat to dry.
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