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In space, no one can hear you meow


These bandanas aren't bad...for a human. But they're AWESOME for your space travelling cat!
A little bit of horror fun perfect for your pet at Halloween or any time of the year!

Our popular double-sided bandanas offer versatility to accompany your dogs’ ever-changing moods! We use high quality embroidery thread and quilting-quality cotton backings. Please note that backing fabrics vary.

Our bandanas are fastened with a tie, which offers more options for sizing and for switching up between cats for those multi-pet families (or that kitty who may have had a few too many treats)!
To clean, just pop in the washing machine in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Small bandanas fit: 7 – 13 inches 
Medium bandanas fit: 11.5 – 25.5 
Large bandanas fit: 14.5 – 35 inches

Please remember to keep your pets safe, and don't leave bandanas on them without supervision!

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