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I heart braaaaaaaains! bandana


What's a zombie fighter without a nemesis? Check out Scarlett (cat) and Charlie (dog) illustrating the eternal battle with their bandanas. And there are plenty of zombie body parts on the backing fabric to keep them contented until they find a some cerebral snacks.

Our popular double-sided bandanas offer versatility to accompany your dogs’ ever-changing moods! We use high quality embroidery thread and quilting-quality cotton backings. Please note that backing fabrics vary.

Our bandanas are fastened with a tie, which offers more options for sizing and for switching up between dogs for those multi-pet families (or that pup who may have had a few too many treats)!
To clean, just pop in the washing machine in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Small bandanas fit: 7 – 13 inches 
Medium bandanas fit: 11.5 – 25.5 
Large bandanas fit: 14.5 – 35 inches

Please remember to keep your pets safe, and don't leave bandanas on them without supervision!

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