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Masks for you


NOTE: while we’re sold out of many of our sizes, we’ll be restocking very soon! Please check back May 26th or sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media to find out when items are back in stock. Thank you all for your support, and stay safe! Please note also that all pre-orders will be processed after that date.

Masks are made from two layers of high quality, pre-shrunk, quilter’s cotton and is designed to minimize the amount of air that can escape from openings. They're fastened with twill tape ties behind your head and neck. There is a slot for a removable wire to fit the mask tightly around your nose. Each mask has a pocket for inserting a filter (one polyester hydro knit filter is included). Fit is very important, which is why we have chosen to use this model. And note that at the vertical seams, there are four layers of overlapping cotton to make it as secure as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not medical grade masks—please leave medical grade masks for healthcare workers. These masks have been designed to address a need, as identified by Health Canada and the CDC to help prevent wearers from transmitting COVID-19 to others. There is a lot of confusion about how well masks work, but what we do know is that there is likely some benefit to wearing masks. They will not prevent you from getting the virus, but they will stop you from spreading the virus on to others. But they must be used correctly.

  • Before touching the fresh mask, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using hot water and soap.
  • When putting the mask on DO NOT touch the face piece, use only the ties to fasten it.
  • While wearing the mask DO NOT touch your face.
  • Masks should only be worn for short periods of time. If the mask begins to feel moist, then you’ve been wearing it too long.
  • Before removing mask, wash your hands again.
  • Remove the mask carefully, touching only the ties.
  • Sterilize any used mask immediately (we recommend having a couple in rotation). The best method to date appears to be boiling in hot water for a full five minutes.
  • Do not re-use unsterilized masks, we recommend having a back-up on hand if possible while the other one is being washed.
  • If it's not possible to immediately sterilize your mask, store it separately from clean ones.

XS is recommended for children ages 3-6, S for children ages 7-10, M for teenagers and women, and L for men. Please choose carefully as due to the nature of this product we cannot provide refunds.

And please remember to continue social distancing and washing your hands. Masks are not a substitute for these life-saving measures.

For an excellent outline of the scientific information we do have on the use of masks, please see this video by Science Sam.

As part of our efforts to keep our communities safe, we will be individually donating masks, but you can also help us in this endeavour by purchasing masks for donation here.

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