Nice & Naughty Bag of Coal Pick n' Mix dog cookies


Uh oh, look who got coal from Santa Paws!

We all know there's no such thing as a bad dog--but for the sake of cookies, we'll just play along! Each bag of coal starts off with a gingerbread "naughty" cookie, as they work their way down through our carob bronch coal cookies, to a "nice" gingerbread surprise at the bottom. 

They also fit perfectly into our mini fleece stockings to make the perfect gift. Click here to check them out.

Pick one, pick two, or pick 'em all! These holiday treats are about 2" on their longest side, and are made with our classic gingerbread and carob cronch recipes, which are low in fat and natural sugars, and gluten-free. They're a super cronchy good time for your pup! Our cookies have a super long shelf-life of 6 months (without preservatives), and no need to refrigerate.