A Christmas Story Pick n' Mix Dog Cookies


We triple-dog-dare ya to resist our cookie box inspired by the most memorable moments from the classic movie, A Christmas Story!

Who can forget Ralphie's disappointment at getting a bunny suit instead of a rifle that he might "Shoot your eye out" with? Or the frageelay leg lamp? Well, maybe your pup doesn't remember--but you do. And they'll definitely remember how delicious these gingerbread flavour cookies are.

Pick one, pick two, or pick 'em all! When you purchase the whole collection, you get a discount!

These holiday treats are about 3" on their longest side. They're available in our classic gingerbread recipe and our cranberry cronch (a slightly crispier cookie which is great for dogs who might be a little more dentally challenged), both are low in fat and natural sugars, and gluten-free. They're a super cronchy good time for your pup! Our cookies have a super long shelf-life of 6 months (without preservatives), and no need to refrigerate.