About Us

…because your dog (or cat) needs more stuff!

That’s been our motto since we first started out in the fast-paced world of dog accessories in 2004! 

Dog Hair INCluded began nearly twenty years ago, when we discovered that our founder, Lucy, adored wearing fun gear when visiting patients as a pet therapist. To keep up with her demanding fashion sense, a hobby, then full-time business, was born!

We create quality, durable pet products with a pop culture and parody twist. My team of furry assistants knows the importance of having quality, durable items that can stand the test of time. Your customers demand products that are not only safe, but fun—we’ve got you covered. Your customers will be excited by designs that aren’t found anywhere else, and that they’ll even be able to wear items that have been sported by the celebripups of owners whose characters inspired them!

Our products have been battle tested by all shapes and sizes, and in all sorts of environments. From pet therapy, to dock diving, agility, flyball, service dogs, and even police dogs—we’ve made it my goal to make sure that we meet the needs of all types of furry companions.

We’re now headquartered in Montreal, Quebec but we’re happy to send our products to wherever you need them! Contact us at electrolucy [at] doghairinc [dot] com

All of our items are 100% handcrafted with love and care. But while a couple of humans do lots of the important work here at Dog Hair INCluded – Fizzgig, Gonzo, and cousin Yuki are really running the show.  And our Rainbow Bridge pawls Lucy, Daisy, Pumpkin and Saska are always inspiring us!