Snuffleup-a-mas Christmas dog cookie advent calender


It's time! Chef Fizzgig is ready to unveil her 2022 Snuffleup-a-mas advent calendar.

Each cookie is our classic, gluten-free, low-fat, no added sugar, limited ingredient gingerbread cookie, with pupper-safe icing. 25 cookies  (roughly 2" high each) wrapped up in glassine snuffle packets filled with shreddies for your pup to enjoy.

We've left a few samples out for you to see, but we don't want to spoil the surprises for you either. These are VERY limited, so when they sell out, that's it! As Fizzy explained yesterday, if you'd like to order one now, but get more from our full launch next week, just let us know at checkout. Ships all across Canada and the US! Now let's get these holidays started!

 They're a super cronchy good time for your pup! Our cookies have a super long shelf-life of 6 months (without preservatives), and no need to refrigerate.