Trick r Treat Sam cosplay costume bandana


It's little Samhain's favourite time of year, and it's very important to follow his Halloween rules: Always give out treats, never blow out a Jack-o-lantern before midnight, and always wear a costume! But it's not every pet that enjoys wearing a full costume, so our cosplay bandanas are coming to the rescue! Our Sam-inspired bandana comes complete with his signature patch, burlap collar, and pumpkin candy lollipop. Your dog or cat will be more than ready to get into the full spirit of Halloween--now hand over those treats!

*Note* Each of our bandanas are ghoulishly handcrafted, so actual dirt may vary.

These bandanas are fastened with ties and are all reversible. Please consult the sizing guide to find the best option for your pet. Note that backing fabric may vary.

And keep your pet safe, never leave them unsupervised in a bandana.