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Adopt, don't shop!


Help spread the message that adoption of pets is the perfect option! Be proud of your rescue pup, and help others to see how much rescues rock! We also work with rescues, so if you'd like to get custom items, just drop us a line.

Leash wraps are the perfect way to provide quick information to strangers and the public about your pup’s needs. Each leash wrap sense them a message that’s clear, quirky, or a little bit cheeky—all depending on your needs!
• They’re made with a heavy duty, waterproof fabric that can be easily maintained.
• Each measures 10.5” X 2.75”
• Fastened with a series of snaps for easy removal. The additional top snaps allow for ease of use with multiple widths of leashes.
• Embroidered on both side of the fold, to ensure maximum visibility of your message.
• Custom wraps available, just contact us for information!
• Machine wash in cold, lay flat or hang to dry. No need to iron!

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