All You Need is Love and Kitties Pride Unisex Hoodie


There's little doubt that with kitties in the world, love will always win!

But members of the LGBTQIA+community are facing increasingly terrifying challenges to their safety and well-being, all over the world. Politically, socially, and economically, they face forces attempting to further marginalize and silence them.

At Dog Hair Included, we want to know they are not alone and we will always work to amplify and protect them. To that end, we are donating 10% of all Pride print on demand items, and 20% of all our handmade Pride items to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that assists refugee claimants to flee from state-sponsored violence. And because allyship should never be conditional on the month of the year, our donations of these proceeds goes on all-year round. You can see both past and present pride collections here.

This item is printed on demand, which means it is more ecologically sustainable as a production process, as there’s no excess stock being held. Designs are printed in both Canada and the United States. Because they’re POD, that means they’ll ship separately from our handmade products.