Carrie cosplay costume bandana


Who's ready for prom night?

No one's going to be laughing at you in this terrifying Carrie bandana, inspired by the iconic Stephen King book and Brian de Palma movie. In fact, your pet will be giving Sissy Spacek a run for her money. Each bandana comes complete with Carrie's handmade prom gown, a corsage gifted by the adorable Tommy and a whole lot of blood!

*Note* Each of our bandanas are ghoulishly handcrafted, so actual blood may vary!

It's not every dog or cat that wants to wear a heavy or cumbersome full body costume, even though they might want to get into the Halloween or cosplay spirit! Cosplay Bandanas to the rescue! 

These bandanas are fastened with ties and are all reversible. Please consult the sizing guide to find the best option for your pet. Note that backing fabric may vary.

And keep your pet safe, never leave them unsupervised in a bandana.