Flying High Watermelon Resistance dog cookies


Click and reward your protest pups for being on the right side of history and supporting a free Palestine!

At Dog Hair INCluded we stand with our brothers and sisters in support of a free Palestine and an end to oppression and apartheid in the region. We have never shied away from supporting social justice before, and we're not going to start now! So we've introduced a line of pet gear designed to make a statement for both you and your pets. We've chosen the kite and watermelon for our design, as powerful symbols of hope and resistance.

In the face of an ongoing genocide, we would never profit from these items, so we are sending 100% of the profits from these bandanas will be donated. We have decided for the moment, that funds will be going to Sulala Animal Rescue, the only rescue in operation in Gaza. Not only have they dedicated themselves to protecting animals in the region, but they have been generous enough to help local Palestinians facing starvation and famine with whatever ways they can. 

To ensure maximum transparency, each order's donation will be logged in our instagram stories so you'll be able to see those funds directly headed to the recipients!

 If you would like to donate directly, please click here!

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