Jurassic Bark clip collar



Dogs find a way...

And that's why it's important to have a sturdy collar and reliable collar to keep them safe! But even more important is for them to be able to embrace their inner T-rex and express themselves, whether it's at Jurassic Park, or just the dog park!

Our collars are made with curved side release buckle for maximum comfort.  We use curved and contoured military grade buckles (beware of ‘economy’ buckles out there which are curved, but not contoured and can open very easily!). Our collars are made with nylon webbing, not polypropylene or cotton which can easily fray. We guarantee our collars for durability and strength (just not against pups that like to nibble their collars). Note that for 1.5" width collars, you will see a small band of black webbing above and below the trim.

The buckle areas are double-stitched to ensure durability, the major pressure point is stitched at least half a dozen times. We use only fabrics and trims that we’d choose ourselves to ensure maximum hipness at the dog park!

Teeny collars fit: 8.5 – 11.5”

Mini collars fit: 9.75 – 14.5”

X Small collars fit: 11.5 – 19"

Small collars fit: 13 - 20"

Medium collars fit: 16.5 – 24.5"

Large collars fit: 19.5-32"

To clean, just pop in the washing machine in cold water and lay flat to dry.