Pot of Gold Pick N' Mix dog cookies


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Every good Irish pup knows that it’s not a pot of gold that’s at the end of the rainbow…it’s cookies!

So make sure your pup isn’t disappointed this St. Patrick’s Day by making sure these shiny nuggets are at the end of their Rainbow.  And we mean shiny, we’ve used pup-safe lustres to add a touch of Irish magic that would make any leprechaun proud!

Looking to accessorize your pup’s cookies with a bandana? Just click here!

The larger treats are about 3" on their longest side, with the smaller cookies roughly 2” They’re available in various flavours, all low-fat, with only natural sugars, and gluten-free. Consult our Cronch Factor Guide to find the right cookie for your pup. Cookies rated 1-3 have a super long shelf-life of 6 months (without preservatives), and no need to refrigerate. Super soft Cronch Factor 0 cookies are made to order and have a reduced shelf life of two weeks.