Silver satin collieflower


It's hard to believe we made our very first versions of these collar accessories way back in 2004. We were looking for a fun accessory for our CEO, Lucy, to wear to pet therapy, and the Collieflower was born (the name is courtesy of her grandma)!

They affix easily over the collar with velcro (the amount of hook is minimized to avoid getting caught in your pet's fur). Buttons are affixed with ridiculously strong glue, so they won't pop off. They're available in three sizes, so check carefully to make sure you choose the best one for your pet.

Small: Approximately 2" diameter (fits over 1/2"-3/4" collars)

Medium: Approximately 3" diameter (fits over 3/4"-1" collars)

Large: Approximately 3.5" diameter (fits over 1"-1.4" collars)

As with any accessories, please keep your pet safe. We advise always removing items from unsupervised pets!