Sniffing Out Crime pick n’ mix dog cookies


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it would be a crime not to allow your pups to chow down on our true crime cookies!

The Pom Police know that nothing’s more important than ending a day of sniffing out crime with some special treats. So Sargeant Fizzgig and Detective Gonzo designed this special set for all their fellow Interpawl members that includes a chalk outline, magnifying glass, and a top secret folder.  Perfect for fuelling all your pups crime-fighting adventures!

The treats are about 3" on their longest side. They’re available in various flavours, all low-fat, with only natural sugars, and gluten-free. Consult our Cronch Factor Guide to find the right cookie for your pup. Cookies rated 1-3 have a super long shelf-life of 6 months (without preservatives), and no need to refrigerate. Super soft Cronch Factor 0 cookies are made to order and have a reduced shelf life of two weeks.