Thanks for the Awesome Vaccine, Science! Eco Tote Bag


Have you thanked a scientist today? Throughout the COVID pandemic, scientists, healthcare professionals and science communicators have been working overtime not only doing the important research to help develop life-saving vaccines and treatments, but to teach us all about how vaccines work. But for many, it's been a thankless job, as they've been targeted for online and in-person hate and trolling. We dedicate this eco tote bag to them and to spreading the message that vaccines save lives!

But beyond wanting to show appreciation for those who've worked so tirelessly to help get us through, we want to help contribute to efforts for global vaccine equity. And so 15% of every item in this line purchased will be donated to COVAX, through GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance. It is a program designed to help under-resourced nations gain access to vaccines. As part of a global community, we are not safe in this pandemic until everyone is safe.