The Poop is Out There Poop Bag Holder


I want to believe that you always pick up after your dog! Because the poop is out there! But with our handy dandy X-files inspired poop bag holder, your dogs' shouldn't be. We wouldn't want aliens from another planet to think we don't pick up after our dogs. So just in case we're being watched, 

And in case you need to alert Mulder or Scully as to your whereabouts when you and your pup are out investigating all things paranormal and supernatural, the poop on your pouch glows in the dark!

 Our poop bag dispensers aren't just hilarious, they're also super functional! Each holder is made from a sturdy and durable fabric, and an innovative design that translates to a dispenser that won't slide down your leash and annoy your pooch!

Simply place your roll of poop bags (or single bags) in the pouch, thread it through the eyelet, and snap shut. Slide your leash under the clip on the back, and wrap the Velcro wings tightly around your leash. Each also has a loop suitable for attaching the holder to your leash with a carabiner or key ring. Never be caught poop bagless again!