Wibbly Wobbly Treaty Feedy Treat Pouch


No good doctor ever leaves home without their sonic screwdriver and treats for K9. Whether it's full of fish sticks and custard, jelly babies, or jammie dodgers, make sure your bait bag is filled to the brim with everything you need to reinforce your pupper in the battle against Daleks and Cybermen!

Our treat bags have two handy dandy clips on the back designed to fit over a belt or a leash, or to clip right on there. A drawstring makes sure that you can close up the bag nice and tight to avoid any post-training sneak snack attacks by your furry friend. They're made with a durable canvas on the outside, and waterproof material on the inside, so they're easy to clean AND can double as a water bowl in a pinch!

The mouth of the bag is approximately 3.5" in diameter and the pouch itself is approximately 4" deep.
Custom designs for your treat pouch are also available!